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    This limited edition artbook merges annotated album texts with Chris Cox's photography to further unravel LUV IN THE RUINS. Printed on high quality papers, the 52-page volume is the album's sole physical iteration. Includes a cache of full quality audio files.

    Limited to 50 editions. Orders ship January 2017.

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Fingering the skin drawn taut from rib to rib
and fumbling to scroll your hands
they feel real

but how am I to know a language when the body’s
only forty pixels wide
are you in the image of you?

you call me as the light is lain upon the lip
of open-mouthed evening
there’s life in the ruins of luv

I know it’s hard to resurrect
the arrogance we shared before
but I’d trade mine to know
that I’m alright with you

the trash compacted in a laugh
dispersed upon a second glance
catch your image in the glass
your body no longer seems definite

on a low-lit Megabus
measuring my worth by the length of a name

and if a name is what it takes
well I need to hear yours
there is no reference to align
but all of the things that you’ve said
amalgamate meaning
and fuck with my head

the mauvest mouth I’ve ever seen
well you must cry online sometimes
our world it glistens by the fire
and our love is purest when burning it down

and as the coals
lose their glow
well it gets so cold

is there no liberating power
in all of the violence that love provides?

in a moment of calm
all pretense annulled
our arrogance disposed
all of the pain that you hold
comes flowing like water
over my hands

you’re free

watch me like a lucky cloud
like a lost and listless lover watches
unfamiliar ceilings turn into
the vertigos of seeping dawn

stabbing your arm with a fork
dotting your i’s with a knife
hold me like you hold your head
simple like it sounds

like you hold two hands
like tiny little shields
around a mangled flame


from LUV IN THE RUINS, released January 6, 2017



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CARE New York, New York


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