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    This limited edition artbook merges annotated album texts with Chris Cox's photography to further unravel LUV IN THE RUINS. Printed on high quality papers, the 52-page volume is the album's sole physical iteration. Includes a cache of full quality audio files.

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Laura don’t you label me a lapse
in your sexual orientation
even if I’m gendered as you claim
I’m more than your sum of construction

and you're so unembarrassing
embarrassing to me

Laura can’t you comprehend a lie
no I don’t hate you
and I will never hate you
but I just wanna hate you
I just wanna hurt

can you turn your back on this dysphoric class?
you’re just as fucked up as the friends you keep
I see you’ve been tweeting every step of your collapse
but haven’t texted me back

these friends they seem so temptingly disposable
when they demonize my weaknesses
just know I could lose you all this moment
and never skip a beat

magnified by your mania
you are my totem
you are my cosmic sense
terrified of a terminus
it’s like ego death or eat ur <3

crucified by heredity
you get so hung up on your family tree
don’t you go and self-destruct for your father’s sake
it’s so fruitless, fruitless, fruitlessness

desperately I wish I could convince myself you care
but your composure says you’re gonna kill me, baby
I felt so gruesome at the party when you asked me to leave

tell me, is it true? are you impossible to keep
am I so selfish to assume your love
just know I have catalogued all of your evils
and worship every one

you wanna murder our friends
I wanna dig the hole
you wanna eat all your meds
I wanna finger your throat

I wanna murder our friends
you’ll keep’em after all
I wanna meet all your pets
you wanna kill my dog


from LUV IN THE RUINS, released January 6, 2017



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CARE New York, New York


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