Pamela is the first single off UNENJOY, a short-form release due via Newer Style Records in April. The track was recorded at Sabbath Recording Studio in Cincinnati, OH and mastered by All City Mastering in Chicago, IL.



plum-blooded, club-drunk
sleeping on my floor you’re lovely
you smell of migration
& your curls are hardening like mine

it’s so impossible, so obvious to meet your eyes

still, i can laugh at your little aura, pamela
& the freedom of self-deception

bleeding from my tongue
bleeding from your boozed tongue
bleeding from your petal-blue,
consecrated & corporeal tongue

come into the backyard
where your face gets hazy, pamela
you look just like an orphan
when you smile

never-easing, ever-ceasing, pamela

the blue-bellied night calls
my orchard’s a dead metaphor
i could be everything
i will be everything

i could be, i could be it
i could be your lover in a second’s time

but in the morning
my eyes have turned to peaches
& my hands hold my penis
like hands on a stillborn
my bed is a cherry red




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